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Hiatus is over!!!

Turns out it was my CPU power pack that was giving problems so I had to get a new power supply. Blegh. BUT!!! :eager: Good news is that Carrinth's back! Uploading will resume as normal(ish)! First up, I'm going to finish up that weird Kill La Kill silly High Skool AU thing. It's gotten really strange so I'm want to get to a nice sweet spot for a decent ending. A few pages more and it should be done. :meow: 

SO! As that is happening, does anyone have suggestions for the next installment?? I recently dug up a whole stash of old comics from other fandoms but don't really know which one to do next. :noes:

ALSO! I randomly started playing the MMO Rift. Omg why can't I quit you MMO games. I rolled a Kelari mage on Laethys lol. Omg I am so poor.
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KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 33 by carrinth
KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 33
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(Oh hay it's that guy again) Siblings share sibling bonds of both knowing when to look dramatic. The board is set. The pieces begin to move! Senketsu is in an actual classroom! Junketsu is preparing dinner! Life is Good.


Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] 
KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 32 by carrinth
KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 32
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Another so-totally-not mysterious person appears! Ok fine, it's obviously Soroi. :eager:
KLK: Fashion Sense by carrinth
KLK: Fashion Sense
Tumblr link:

If Senketsu has been a school girl uniform for most of his existence, would he be totally okay with wearing school girl uniforms? Would he PREFER school girl uniforms because they are familiar and relatable??

Senketsu is not allowed to buy his own clothes unsupervised. 

More human!Senketsu because you guys encouraged bad behavior!

 Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

This plays with the idea that a human Senketsu didn't come with clothing (because he was already clothing??) and thus they go on shopping trip. Also, I tried to give Ryuko new clothes because Senketsu is there to nag her to wear cuter clothes. "That ratty gray sweater is NOT cute!" I might write a continuation to this scene later lol. 
KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 31 by carrinth
KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 31
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Might not have made it apparent but big thanks for continuing to read this weird KLK AU comic! Your support fuels the otters!

Thanks For The Llama Emote 

Inconceivably, this originally started as an exercise to teach myself how to draw Ryuko and Senketsu lol. So the plot may have wandered a bit, oops! But NOW. DRAMA~! When shading occurs, you know sheep is going down! To graze. 

Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
KLK: The master's daughter AU by carrinth
KLK: The master's daughter AU
Tumblr link:…

Oh no. I made another KLK AU. I’m sorry. Not sorry… 

How about medieval fantasy KLK AU?? Yeah?? YEAH?! Working on a stand-alone comic page but drew this quick sketch because this AU idea amuses me to ridiculous levels. Senketsu! Don’t flirt with your master’s daughter! Ohho! She got your mask! Now what?!

This AU idea is 200 times more shippy and will make ALL YOUR TEETH ROT. I am ashamed!

Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 


Unsupervised Adventures!
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