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Shoutbox is back yeeeah!!
Wed Aug 26, 2015, 2:09 AM
More Corpse Justice please? :3
Sun May 6, 2012, 12:50 PM
Love your naruto sketches and comics youre a great artist! :)
Mon Apr 16, 2012, 12:18 PM
Blah blah blah, carrinth rules, blah blah blah. :D
Fri Apr 6, 2012, 12:53 AM
You're a really great artist. I especially love the one where you switched the Teen Titans' genders!
Thu Mar 22, 2012, 6:50 PM



Commission: Droids on a Mission by carrinth
Commission: Droids on a Mission
Commission for the amazing :iconjudgementnollid: who also surprised me with a DA subscription! Thanks again man! The request was for Judge's droid OC standing next to a SW Rebels version of me... and somehow my SW Rebels OC ended up being the infamous Draw Droid C4R2. They're off hunting Rebels! Oh no!

For more info on my commissions:…
SW Rebels: Different Journeys AU FF14 by carrinth
SW Rebels: Different Journeys AU FF14
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Captain Rex cameo!! 

Why am I drawing more clone troopers ack! It's so stressful drawing them... I hope I'm drawing them okay?? Anyway, here's this AU's version of Rex! Like Caleb (haha parallels?) he too is still holding on to the remnants of his past CT gear. But also like Caleb, things are falling into disrepair. He's lost some sleeves. His gloves' fingers. His shoulder padding. (His hair lol). But he's also gained a cool beard and a cape. Sorta an in-between of his character from Clone Wars and Rebels.

Long-time readers of my comics will probably be able to guess what's written in the background. C'mon. What does Carrinth always vandalize on the walls of my comics? =p
Commission: Angelo OC by carrinth
Commission: Angelo OC
Commission from :iconyolen: as a belated birthday present for of her OC Angelo! Ironically, my birthday was also around this time so I threw in a free birthday cake!

Happy belated birthday!

For more info on my commissions:…
Birthday Sketch 2015 by carrinth
Birthday Sketch 2015
Today was my birthday! Quickly drew a birthday sketch for myself featuring one of my OCs. Happy birthday me! 

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)  Have your cake and eat it too  Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! It really made my day more awesome!! :love: 
Thanks For The Llama Emote 
SW Rebels: Different Journeys AU FF13 by carrinth
SW Rebels: Different Journeys AU FF13
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Clone Trooper was not alone! Hera and Caleb surrounded! Is this the end for our teenage rebels?!?

POOM is totally legit sound effect. :|

Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3] 
Psst... hey. Hey you. Yeah you. You be lookin' for Carrinth's art commission info page yeah? I realized I didn't actually have one :noes: But now I do! Everything you (might, probably, maybe) need to know is right here buddy. Come closer...

Commission Status

1. Judgementnollid
2. bbb35
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

How to Request Commissions


IMPT: Before making a request, make sure I’m the artist for you! Is my drawing style something you’re comfortable with? Is the quality? Do I draw the things you want to request? If you’re okay with Carrinth, Carrinth is okay with you! (I guess...?)

Step 1: Send Carrinth a note saying: Commission Request!

Step 1a: Provide details of commission. For example: character, fandom, situation, pairings, headshot/full body shot, what’re they thinking, etc.

Step 2: Carrinth will evaluate your request (maybe ask follow up questions) and quote you a final price.

Step 3: Proceed with initial payment via Paypal.

Step 4: Once payment is received, Carrinth will start on base sketch. This takes 3-5 days depending on complexity and available time. Let me know if you have deadlines or if the delivery date is flexible.

Step 5: Digital base sketch is delivered. You have 1 free change request to make any tweaks (so make it count!).

Step 6: Final version (with colour/text if applicable) delivered. End of commission!


It depends.

You’ll need to tell me what you want and I’ll quote the final price. As a reference, general prices are as follows:

(All prices are in USD)

$5 – Simple* pencil sketch

*Simple is defined as 1-2 characters in static poses and/or requires no character design i.e. the characters are already existing

Art Request for spiritofemby by carrinthArt Request for Defira by carrinthSNK: Petra's Letter by carrinth

$10- Colored simple standalone image / Complex** pencil sketch 

**Complex is defined as multiple characters and/or action poses and/or requires some character design

2013: Year of the Water Snake by carrinth FMA: Delayed by carrinth

$15 - Grayscale 1-panel comic. Limit 4 panels. (5 panels if minimal dialogue)

KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 34 by carrinth  KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 25 by carrinth

$20 - Colored 1-panel comic / Colored complex standalone image / Grayscale 1-panel comic. Limit 5-6 panels.

SWTOR: Sleen Tails (minor spoilers) by carrinth GLTAS: Hug by carrinth  KLK: Fashion Sense by carrinth Commission: For InkedDen by carrinth

$25 – Multi-panel colored comic (3 rows. Short story). Price varies depending on number of characters, action sequence, complexity, etc.

Commission: For bbb35 Water, Water, Nowhere by carrinth

$30 - $40 - Mutli-panel colored comic (4 rows). Price varies depending on number of characters, action sequence, complexity, etc.

DA: Instructor Amell by carrinth MEHS: Archangel2 by carrinth 


1. Will you draw my OC?

2. What if I gave you a picture of my OC?
Rrrr..... okay.

3. You sound very reluctant to draw OCs.
I'm not good at character design. You'll probably have better luck with an artist that really likes designing new characters. 

4. But you'll draw my OC if I have a picture of said OC?

5. What if I had no picture but a full length textual description? 

6. Oh come on!
Gah FINE! You court dangerous things! I also will have to charge you extra because I will need to think.

7. You charge for thinking?
Of course! Unless you're fine with me not thinking and just drawing whatever comes from my gut. No refunds though bub. I'll try my best to draw what you're asking but all drawings are still subject to The Interpretation of Carrinth and therefore can turn out pretty bizarre?

8. Will you draw me a comic?
...Yes. I love drawing comics. But I cannot guarantee it will be funny. Because not all my jokes are funny. Just a bit of disclaimer. Comics will also take longer because I'll need to think of the paneling and dialogue. 

9. Will you draw from ______ fandom??
... Yes..?? Although the danger of asking me to draw something I'm not familiar with may result in off-model characters. But do know many other fandoms so you can always ask.

Terms & Conditions

Payment must be received first for request to be started. 

No refunds if artwork has already been delivered. 

All art commission are digital only. 

You may not resell commission artwork.

Unless requested otherwise, I will post a smaller, watermarked version of the commission in my gallery. You can post commissioned artwork on your own gallery with link back to me.

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