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MEHS: Archangel5 by carrinth
MEHS: Archangel5
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Warning: Do not attempt to recreate this stunt unless you are Commander Shepard and have the ability to make motorbike riding vigilantes stop in their tracks.

Suffice to say, Commander Shepard has stopped Archangel in his tracks!

Is Archangel simply shocked because someone randomly dropped in front of him on the road at top speed. OR is he shocked because he actually got a good look at said person and recognized crazy roof jumper??

And Shepard should stop wondering why his muffled helmet voice sounds so familiar and focus on recruitment~! The helmet Batman obviously doesn't think you are you. Show him who is boss!

Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 
SW Rebels: Kolto Strips by carrinth
SW Rebels: Kolto Strips

Decided to draw what happened before ( And then randomly wrote a drabble in one sitting. >_>
This was supposed to be just an image description ahhh!

Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 


The young twi’lek tried her best to keep still, but when the Jedi padawan’s fingers trailed over a particularly ticklish spot, her foot twitched involuntarily.

The boy’s hands instantly stilled. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Hera though the question silly, considering how careful he was. But he had such a severe look about him that she bit her lower lip uncertainly. Instead, she simply shook her head mutely, her lekku subconsciously echoing her impatience to get moving.

Eerily intense eyes regarded her for a fraction longer before he returned to his ministrations. “I don’t believe it’s broken,” he finally said after a few more careful presses. “Just swollen. Ruptured blood vessels,” He then reached into his belt, digging through what seemed like emergency supplies. “I’m sorry, I can’t fix this. I don’t have the proper equipment. Only have a few kolto strips with me.” And while it didn't seem possible, the frown on the boy’s face seemed to grow two-fold.

Did he honestly think she blamed him? Hera had zero supplies on her. In fact, she had been prepared for an arduous, painful limp back home though the rocky terrain. Kolto strips were fine. Fantastic even. She wanted to tell him all this, but the only thing she could mumble out was an embarrassed: “S’fine…”

Nodding, the padawan began wrapping the strips around her injured foot. He performed his task with unfailing intensity, as if handling some precious cargo. It felt strange being the focus of such attention. Especially from a Jedi; a Jedi with unnervingly strange coloured eyes. And though she would never admit it to a living soul, she began to understand the aesthetic appeal of human eyebrows. His, after all, were very pretty.

Distractedly, Hera abruptly snapped to attention. Had he been talking to her? She blinked mutely at him, eyes wide, before flicking back down to her neatly bandaged foot. Oh.

“Can you try standing?” he said, dusting his dirt-stained white pants.

Hera pushed herself off her rocky seat nimbly but the moment her weight settled on her injured foot, pain shot back up instantly. Before she could even stumble, let alone wince, the Jedi padawan had already caught her, instantly shifting her balance back onto her good foot.

“Carefully!” he admonished, strange not blue, not green eyes fixing into a frown. “The kolto strips will take time to reduce the swelling. It’s not instantaneous,”

Hera pursed her lips, pouting miserably. She shot a glance skywards and now it was her turn to frown. The boy Jedi followed her gaze, squinting against the late afternoon light.

“What is it? A slaver patrol?” His hand moved to his belt, towards his lightsaber.

Hera shook her head, and flashed him an odd look. “No, the sun has already touched the mountain tops,” she said, feeling it was the most obvious thing ever.

For the first time, the Jedi seemed to adopt an expression other than unrelenting seriousness. He blinked his weird eyes at her. “Huh?”

“The sun?” she repeated, tone incredulous. “It’s already touching the tips?” she gestured to the mountain range behind them. More blinking. Hera scowled. “It means we need to move now or we’ll be out of sunlight and groping in the dark before we reach the base.”

The human padawan seemed to be having great difficulty processing her words. “Are you saying that this whole place goes pitch black without natural light?”

“Obviously!” What on Ryloth kind of question was that?

The boy spun away sharply, muttering something under his breath. His fingers tapped his chin rapidly before he seemed to come to a decision. “Okay, new plan,” he announced, walking up to Hera.

The twi’lek tried very hard not to stare at his pretty human brows. “Okay?”

“Climb onto my back. I’ll carry you down. We should make better time this way,”

And that is how Hera later found herself tightly clutching the Jedi’s back while he stumbled his way through the rocky slopes.

MEHS: Archangel4 by carrinth
MEHS: Archangel4
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Garr-- err I mean Archangel is exceedingly fortunate that Paragon!Shepard is on the case and not her evil twin brother, Renegade!Shepard. Thus he is saved from having a faceful of clipboard flung into said face and skidding rather ungracefully across the road.

*fake 50s radio caster voice*

Will Shepard be brushed off twice?? Or will she end up as unsavory road rage by product?? Will Carrinth decide on full colour or grayscale instead of going someplace weird in between?? Tune in next time folks for the (anti-climatic) confrontation between Commander Shepard and Archangel~!

Llama Emoji-58 (Up and Down) [V3] 
SW Rebels: No we go that way by carrinth
SW Rebels: No we go that way
So I was inspired by Pepe Larraz's sketches of padawan Caleb Dume and wanted to try my hand at it. It was a horrible disaster. 

onion sad 

But! Drawing baby Caleb Dume made me want to draw baby Hera and of course they wound up in a picture together. So here's some weird AU where padawan Caleb is on Ryloth and helps rescue little Hera. But Hera's on a mission! And this Jedi is gonna help her! And poor Caleb, separated from his master, all he wants to do is get them back in one piece. 

Moral of the story: Stop drawing Caleb Dume. 

Spoiler Ending of the story: Art!Carrinth doesn't listen to Words!Carrinth. Much sadness.</span>
SW Rebels: A Little Married by carrinth
SW Rebels: A Little Married
Caught a re-run of SW: REBELS Fighter Flight episode. The whole “kids” line reminded me of a certain Scrubs scene. And of course, that is my weakness! Kanan/Hera might also be it tho… I lie. Kanan/Hera is totally my Force life sustenance. I mean sure you can call Ezra and Sabine the “kids” but isn’t Zeb like… years older than you? Not sure…

TLDR; Kanan and Hera are so LITTLE MARRIED.


Psst... hey. Hey you. Yeah you. You be lookin' for Carrinth's art commission info page yeah? I realized I didn't actually have one :noes: But now I do! Everything you (might, probably, maybe) need to know is right here buddy. Come closer...

How to Request Commissions


Before making a request, make sure I’m the artist for you! Is my drawing style something you’re comfortable with? Is the quality? Do I draw the things you want to request? If you’re okay with Carrinth, Carrinth is okay with you! (I guess...?)

Step 1: Send Carrinth a note saying: Commission Request!

Step 1a: Provide details of commission. For example: character, fandom, situation, pairings, headshot/full body shot, what’re they thinking, etc.

Step 2: Carrinth will evaluate your request (maybe ask follow up questions) and quote you a final price.

Step 3: Proceed with initial payment via Paypal. Payment is broken up into stages. First stage is to pay for the base sketch.

Step 4: Once payment is received, Carrinth will start on base sketch. This takes 1-3 days depending on complexity and available time. Let me know if you have deadlines or if the delivery date is flexible.

Step 5: Digital base sketch is delivered. You have 1 free change request to make any tweaks (so make it count!).

Step 6: Final base sketch delivered. End of commission!

Step 7 (optional): Proceed with payment for color. Follows step 4-6. 


It depends.

You’ll need to tell me what you want and I’ll quote the final price. As a reference, general prices are as follows:

(All prices are in USD)

$5 – Simple* pencil sketch

*Simple is defined as 1-2 characters in static poses and/or requires no character design i.e. the characters are already existing

Art Request for spiritofemby by carrinthArt Request for Defira by carrinthSNK: Petra's Letter by carrinth

$10- Colored simple standalone image / Complex** pencil sketch 

**Complex is defined as multiple characters and/or action poses and/or requires some character design

2013: Year of the Water Snake by carrinth FMA: Delayed by carrinth

$15 - Grayscale 1-panel comic 

KLK: Senketsu Goes to School 34 by carrinth   SNK: Sweeping 8 by carrinth

$20 - Colored 1-panel comic / Colored complex standalone image

SWTOR: Sleen Tails (minor spoilers) by carrinth GLTAS: Hug by carrinth  KLK: Fashion Sense by carrinth

$25-30 – Multi-panel colored comic

DA: Instructor Amell by carrinth 


1. Will you draw my OC?

2. What if I gave you a picture of my OC?
Rrrr..... okay.

3. You sound very reluctant to draw OCs.
I'm not good at character design. You'll probably have better luck with an artist that really likes designing new characters. 

4. But you'll draw my OC if I have a picture of said OC?

5. What if I had no picture but a full length textual description? 

6. Oh come on!
Gah FINE! You court dangerous things! I also will have to charge you extra because I will need to think.

7. You charge for thinking?
Of course! Unless you're fine with me not thinking and just drawing whatever comes from my gut. No refunds though bub. I'll try my best to draw what you're asking but all drawings are still subject to The Interpretation of Carrinth and therefore can turn out pretty bizarre?

8. Will you draw me a comic?
...Yes. I love drawing comics. But I cannot guarantee it will be funny. Because not all my jokes are funny. Just a bit of disclaimer. Comics will also take longer because I'll need to think of the paneling and dialogue. 

9. Will you draw from ______ fandom??
Uh. If it's not in my gallery I'm not sure if I'd be a good choice. But I'm familiar with many other fandoms so you can always ask first.

Terms & Conditions

Payment must be received first for request to be started. 

No refunds if artwork has already been delivered. 

All art commission are digital only. I mean, I *could* mail you a physical copy but you'd have to pay for shipping. D:

You may not resell commission artwork.

Unless requested otherwise, I will post a smaller, watermarked version of the commission in my gallery.

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