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May 3, 2007
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Avatar Gender Bender by carrinth Avatar Gender Bender by carrinth
Slowly but surely I chip away at the Party Bag request... ^^; This request was from .

Yes. You were all thinking it but *Taigan requested it... Avatar GB. :fear: All angry flames or joyous praise can be directed towards his general direction. :D

O_o I think I'm gonna be known as "The GB Artist" now. Here's just a few characters from Avatar that first came to mind. For some chars, I already had a general idea and it was easy. Aang was the only one I didn't know but him being the main character and all, I felt compelled to attempt a version. Not so happy with the results. Below are some rants that I typed up on a whim. =p

Azula: Now the son of the Fire Lord, he is destined for the throne. He is a brat. He calls people names. He has no manners. A little immature but has deadly ambition.

Zuko: Has huge scar on face. Doomed to submit to an arranged marriage on her sixteen birthday unless by some miracle she finds the Avatar and gains favor. Permanently in PMS-mode. Harassed by lewd men while working as tea-serving girl at lower ring circle in Ba Sing Se. Vowed to kill all men. Constantly wails that she’ll never find a boyfriend/husband and will die sad, lonely, and a virgin.

Katara: Is a boy. Not a girl. Does not have hair loopies. Wants to become great waterbender so he can be a good chief. As a male, feels overwhelming need to protect defenseless females. So far is unable to find females who are defenseless. Bullied by older sister. Has strange attraction towards older females: preferably those wielding sharp, pointy, swords + tree houses.

Sokka: Exasperated older sister. Struggles to prevent naïve, younger brother from being seduced by busty, older females. She herself is quite busty. Attracts men like penguins to fish. Wants to find hot, attractive male to settle down and have kids. Is unable to do so because younger brother wants to save the world (because he will someday become chief).

Aang: Sweet and soooo adorable. The Avatar. Must save world from Fire Nation. Has crush the size of Appa on sexy, kind waterbender. Very prone to blushing. Comes from Eastern Air Temple. Regards f!Sokka as her big sister.

Yue: Prince of the Northern Water Tribe. Not a waterbender but enjoys taking long boat rides and chatting up pretty Southern Water Tribe females. Has a friendly smile. Is kind and loyal to his people. Generally a Nice Guy. Has white hair.

Toph: Exactly the same.

But wait! There's more in scarps: [link]
Avatar the Last Airbender (c) Nick
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W1llowdove Mar 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Awesome!Azula face just kill me:D (Big Grin) !Aww Aang so cuteMeow :3 
Agacora Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
In which Toph is the same. 
Aang as a little girl. Genius!
Aang is so adorable! <3
Dragonking17 Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
way past cool.
InsanitysWidow Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love it!
Katara.  His face.  His face is hilarious.  And adorable.  He's so excited!
Books-are-my-dreams Sep 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Somebody make this canon.
Miya61 Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahaha, Toph~
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